I am Ilona the

I specialize in front-end development, test automation and webdesign

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Front-end development as well as software testing and working in an Agile environment.


After working as a tester for a while, I discovered my passion for development. And especially front-end development.
As a tester I started with minor changes to the code. This grew into the creation of Angular pages within the applications of TKP. I helped set up a front-end library and executed the wishes of the users.


Since I started to delve deeper into front-end development by following courses, I found out how much satisfaction I get from making websites and applications beautiful.
From thinking about a layout, colors and fonts to mobile responsiveness and accessibility. A beautiful, well-working looking product not only makes me happy, but also the user


I started at DUO without any IT experience. In 2017 I obtained my ISTQB certificate after a two week course. During my work at DUO I turned into an experienced tester. I have been involved in functional, integration, performance and automated testing.
I believe that testing is an important part of development and should certainly not be overlooked.


In 2018 I obtained my Scrummaster I certificate. During my time at TKP I was the scrummaster of a team of eight.
I think it is important as a scrummaster to ensure that my team can get to work without encountering too many obstacles. A daily stand-up provides a clear picture of the tasks that have been taken up and what everyone is doing.